TBX format

TBX, or TermBase eXchange, is an international standard for representing and exchanging information from termbases. TBX version 3 is published as ISO 30042:2019. A TBX Resource represents a collection of terminological concepts and is expressed as an XML file. It contains a header and a body of text with the terminological concepts. The main elements are described below.

Concept entries

Terminological concept (conceptEntry): represents a language-independent concept. Each terminological concept has a unique ID, is described by a set of properties, such as the subject field it belongs to, and is associated to language sections, which are sets of language-specific terms that express the terminological concept.

Language section (langSec): a language section is a language-specific container for all terms that represent a terminological concept in a given language. The language section contains simple terms.

Term section (termSec): represents a language-specific term. A term section always contains a term with the text of the term and zero or more term notes (with term properties and linguistical properties) and descriptions (such as the reliability code of the term in relation to the concept). Related term notes are grouped in a term note group (termNoteGrp).

<conceptEntry id="iate_2149365">
  <descrip type="subjectField">insurance</descrip>
    <langSec xml:lang="en">
        <term>risk mitigation</term>
        <termNote type="termType">fullForm</termNote>
        <descrip type="reliabilityCode">9</descrip>
        <termNote type="termLemma">risk mitigation</termNote>
        <termNote type="partOfSpeech">noun, noun</termNote>

TBX Dialect

Version 3 of TBX provides dialect-specific schema to constrain TBX files. The TBX Resource contains the dialect name associated with a corresponding external schema. In this package a provisional private dialect TBX-DNB is used that extends the public dialect TBX-Basic with additional linguistic annotations.